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Talk 1 | 15th Feb, 14:0015:30
“What is new platform for contemporary art

Many corporations and foundations are now supporting contemporary art and trying to expand their range of interaction and activities. The president of Soup Stock Tokyo, Mr. Toyama is organizing new businesses“ The Chain Museum” and “ArtSticker”; Ms. Watanabe from The Contemporary Art Foundation, founded by art collector Yusaku Maezawa and Ms. Kataoka, the new director of the Mori Art Museum, which has presented relevant contemporary art for 16 years since its opening, are examples of such initiatives. There will be a discussion of the vision for such new platforms.
Guest speakers‖ Mami Kataoka (Director, Mori Art Museum), Masamichi Toyama (President and CEO, Smiles Co., Ltd.), Chihiro Watanabe (Director, Contemporary Art Foundation)


Talk 2 | 15th Feb, 18:0019:30
“Our Art Generation
: Artists born in the 1980s”
The subject of this talk is artists; especially artists born in the 1980’s. Artists of this same generation will discuss relevant art topics of the day,
Moderator‖ Mika Kuraya (Chief Curator, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)
Artists‖ Yasutake Iwana, Koichi Enomoto, Maki Katayama, Motoyuki Daifu, Yosuke Takayama, Daisuke Fukunaga


Talk 3 | 16th Feb, 14:0015:30
“Collection and Consideration”
Presenting and discussing images of contemporary art collections from around the world.
Guest speakers‖ Miwa Taguchi (Taguchi Art Collection), Ichiro Fukano (Art Collector, Certified Public Tax Accountant), Tomio Koyama (Owner director, Tomio Koyama Gallery, Representative Director of CADAN)
Moderator‖ Misako Rosen (Owner director MISAKO & ROSEN)


Talk 4 | 16th Feb, 17:0018:30 Curatorial /Artists / Collectives

Recently, there has been increased international activity from artist run spaces and exhibitions spaces based upon curatorial platforms and/or run by independent curators. This talk event will introduce specific activities and communities with Japan and abroad.
Moderator‖ Hikotaro Kanehira (independent curator)
Guest speakers‖ Hirofumi Isoya (Artist, former co-director of statements), Koichiro Osaka (Curator, Director of ASAKUSA, participate via SKYPE), COBRA (Artist, Director of XYZ Collective), Yu Takamizawa (Artist, Director of 4649)