CADAN Showcase 04

CADAN Showcase 04 
October 19 – November 1, 2020
Curated by Satoko Oe, Satoko Oe Contemporary

What forms and shapes can artists use to capture things and convert them into works? “Format” and “Shape” are words that have a kind of sliding meaning and cause cracks in the ground. I would like to make it an exhibition that you can trace the artist’s thoughts that ooze through the cracks. – Satoko Oe(Satoko Oe Contemporary)

Hisaya Taira (Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery)
Chie Matsui(MEM)
Ryohei Usui(MUJIN-TO Production)
Inumaki Kenji(Gallery Yamaki Fine Art)
Tomoaki Shitara(STANDING PINE)
Eri Takayanagi(TALION GALLERY)
Mitsuhiro Ikeda(Satoko Oe Contemporary)
Hiroko Yamaji(NANZUKA)

Ryohei Usui(左)Alps crushed (右)Detergent (2020) Glass
photo: Kenji Morita, Courtesy of the artist and MUJIN-TO Production

Yasuko Iba "Untitled 2020-02" (2020) Oil on canvas, 50 x 72.7cm

Chie Matsui "She Dissolves" (2000) 35分56秒 ©Chie Matsui, courtesy MEM


Hisaya Taira 《WEST4》,《Koki’s》(2019) acrylic on canvas, 50 x 72.7cm, copyright the artist, courtesy YOSHIAKI INOUE GALLERY


Mitsuhiro IKEDA, untitled (drawing no.2) & untitled (drawing no.7) (2019), oil on paper, 60x50.8cm (incl. frame), copyright the artist, courtesy Satoko Oe Contemporary


Kenji INUMAKI《ある種プリミティヴな観念的時空 No.5》(2005-2012)  60×41cm, Oil on canvas, copyright the artist, courtesy Gallery Yamaki Fine Art

Tomoaki Shitara《フェルトのウルトラマン》(2017) 295×220×60mm, Ink, Felt, copyright the artist, courtesy STANDING PINE


Hiroko Yamaji 《Untitled》 2016, Oil paint on canvas, H70 x W70 x D2 cm ©Hiroko Yamaji Courtesy of the artist and NANZUKA

Eri Takayanagi 《Inside out》 2019, Cardboard case, paper tape, 73x86x13cm, 10x39x32.5cm, courtesy of the artist and TALION GALLERY

Soshi Matsunobe 《My Stones (on the log)》2020, Size valuable, cement, felled plantation, copyright Soshi Matsunobe

Installation View

Photo: Osamu Sakamoto