Ibuki Minami “Art-Core-Oneness” by rin art association

Ibuki Minami “Art-Core-Oneness” by rin art association

1 November – 20 November, 2022
Open: Tue-Fri.11:00-19:00 / Sat, Sun, National Holiday 11:00-17:00
Closed on Monday, 13 November
Curated by rin art association

●Talk Event
Date and Time:  Thursday, November 3, 17: 00 -18: 00
Speakers: Ibuki Minami (Artist), Masaki Nomura (philosophy researcher), Takato Harada (owner of rin art association)
Venue: CADAN Yurakucho
Free of charge

CADAN YURAKUCHO will present a solo exhibition of Ibuki Minami “Art-Core-Oneness” , organized by rin art association based in Takasaki, Gunma.

Ibuki Minami is a Japanese painter, who has been highly acclaimed since his debut exhibition in 2020.

Minami’s painting begins with the drawing of graphs depicting how information flows diverge and relate to each other. It functions as a set of instructios for paintings to be drawn on top.

An unlimited range of colors and shades applied on Minami’s tableau is further accentuated by his impasto brushstrokes and rhythmic compositions. The simple geometric patterns of textured color—some rectangular, circular, or dots in various arrangements—overlaid by one another or connected with directional lines. The painting can thus be interpreted as the architecture of a networked world, where the conceptual dimension of Minami’s practice emerges.

To describe his art-making, Minami uses the word ‘art core’, often referencing concepts from Eastern philosophy such as “ying yang”. Just as DNA contains the genetic information necessary for organisms, the art core preserves all possible source codes, which unfolds materially, conceptually or spiritually through Minami’s act of painting. The artist identifies no border between science, art and philosophy, considering that all are inseparable from one another and indispensable to human life—a realm of the unknown harnessed by the word, “art core”.

Ibuki Minami, born in 1995, holds a BMA in Fine Art, Academy of Art University, San Francisco. Minami lives and works in Tokyo, Japan, since 2020.

(TOP Image/Photo by Shinya Kogure)

“Abstraction!” by MISAKO & ROSEN

“Abstruction!” by MISAKO & ROSEN

2021. 2. 2 Tue – 2.21 Sun
Organized by MISAKO & ROSEN 
Fergus Feehily, Ken Kagami, Shimon Minamikawa, Margaret Lee, Yui Yaegashi, Trevor Shimizu, Kazuyuki Takezaki, Paulo Monteiro, Takashi Yasumura, Richard Aldrich

Hours: Tuesday – Friday 11AM-7PM Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays 11AM – 5PM
Closed: Mondays and Days following National Holidays

Abstraction !

MISAKO & ROSEN have organized the exhibition “Abstraction!” for CADAN Yurakucho.
Free from working according to any ideological framework, the best of contemporary painting exists as a record of the particular experiments of the particular artist who created the work. Without trying to be expressive or non-expressive, representational or otherwise, the paintings exist literally as paintings. The literal quality of the paintings is at once simple, with the works consisting of the materials out of which they were created and complex, in so far as what a painting means differs from artist to artist, viewer to viewer. In the case of contemporary painting, the story and relationship between paintings in the artist’s oeuvre is of equal importance as any relationship to “art” history. However abstract, each work in “Abstraction!” is also imbued with its own narrative, a story inevitably shaped by the knowledge and experience of its viewer. A common quality of each works is that it invites a type of looking that offers a form of pleasure.

Contact for more information : MISAKO & ROSEN  gallery@misakoandrosen.jp Tel:03-62761452

マーガレット・リー Margaret Lee, 2020, Newspaper, oil paint, nails, rope on canvas, 123x98cm
リチャード・オードリッチ Richard Aldrich, untitled
2020, oil and wax on linen, 203x135cm
八重樫ゆい Yui Yaegashi, 2019, oil on canvas, 22.2x28cm

Installation View

Mariko Kobayashi “You Only Need to Bear the Sun” by KOTARO NUKAGA

Mariko Kobayashi “You Only Need to Bear the Sun”
November 3 ‒ November 22, 2020
Tues – Fri 11:00-19:00 Sat, Sun & Holidays 11:00-17:00
※Closed on Mon* and November 15

■Artist Talk supported by CVJ
・Date: Friday, November 13, 2020
・Time: 18:30- 19:00
・Admission Free
※Reservation required, required (limited to 15 visitors)
*Please visit Peatix to make a reservation. Reservation available in order of application
*We ask all the visitors to stand and keep a safe distance. Walk-in is welcome depending on space availability.

CADAN Yurakucho has finished its series of group exhibition, and from November, member galleries will take turns to hold exhibitions one by one.  The first show is Mariko Kobayashi’s solo exhibition “ You Only Need to Bear the Sun” organized by KOTARO NUKAGA based in Tennozu, Tokyo.  In addition to the large scale work “Heat and Water” (3 m x 5 m), they will present 23 new works including 8 sculptural works. 

Utilizing a method of combining different materials using textile techniques such as weaving, dyeing, knitting, and stitching, Mariko Kobayashi renders different connections that exist in the world. “Circulation of life” is the central theme that runs throughout her artistic practice.

In her work “Heat and Water”, Kobayashi employs a mountain motif to represent the ecosystem. The sun, rain, earth, and water are familiar yet essential “heat and water” elements that circulate the repeating life cycle of plants and animals. Becoming aware of the cycle leads to the realization that we are connected to nature, and the very cycle and circulation also flow within us. We also learn that despite being a part of nature, humans have been exploiting it for our own wealth.  The donkey motif from “You Only Need to Bear the Sun”, which is also the title of this exhibition, reminds viewers of its harsh life as a bearer of heavy loads for the benefit of humans.  Why are we making donkeys to carry burdens that we cannot carry ourselves?  How far are we going to coerce them into carrying the burdens?  The work engages viewers to reflect on how we live and what is truly important that we should value. While living in a great realm of nature where heat, water, and air circulate, humans are not aware of it, only caught up in their loads in front of them. On the back of the burden-free donkey shines the sun, symbolizing universal connections in nature and the essential core values in life.  Kobayashi expresses the cycle of life and the multi-layered relationship between nature and humans not only through the works’ vivid color and materiality, but also by selecting and treating each material with care. Weaving together different elements by hand resembles the slow and gradual process of restoring the disconnected relationship. Please enjoy the fascinating charm that the works possess and the artist’s message through her handwork.

Mariko Kobayashi
Born in Osaka, Japan, 1987
2012 Masters of Fine Arts [Textile design], Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan Kobayashi’ s selected shows include, All of the world, s+arts gallery, Tokyo (2019), Waking up at bue, Sleeping in the red, Art for Thought, Tokyo (2018), Circular forest, FEI ART MUSEUM Yokohama, Kanagawa (2018). Her group shows include, FIBER&FACES 12+1 ‒ Metamorphosis ‒, /3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo (2019), Roppongi Art Night 2015 (WS), Street Museum 2015, Tokyo (2015), New beat in Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong (2012).

《Heat and Water》2018 -2020, Cotton, linen and wool, 300.0 × 500.0 cm

《You Only Need to Bear the Sun》2020, Clay, soil, diatomite, cotton, acrylic gouache, straw, 17.0×20.0×40.0 cm

《toki toki》2019, Cotton, linen and wool on canvas 45.5 × 38.0 cm

《May the Wind Carry Your Thoughts》 2020, Cotton, linen and wool, 39.0 × 24.0 cm

《Memories》2020, Clay, soil, diatomite, cotton, acrylic gouache, 22.0×40.0×20.0cm

CADAN Showcase 04

CADAN Showcase 04 
October 19 – November 1, 2020
Curated by Satoko Oe, Satoko Oe Contemporary

What forms and shapes can artists use to capture things and convert them into works? “Format” and “Shape” are words that have a kind of sliding meaning and cause cracks in the ground. I would like to make it an exhibition that you can trace the artist’s thoughts that ooze through the cracks. – Satoko Oe(Satoko Oe Contemporary)

Hisaya Taira (Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery)
Chie Matsui(MEM)
Ryohei Usui(MUJIN-TO Production)
Inumaki Kenji(Gallery Yamaki Fine Art)
Tomoaki Shitara(STANDING PINE)
Eri Takayanagi(TALION GALLERY)
Mitsuhiro Ikeda(Satoko Oe Contemporary)
Hiroko Yamaji(NANZUKA)

Ryohei Usui(左)Alps crushed (右)Detergent (2020) Glass
photo: Kenji Morita, Courtesy of the artist and MUJIN-TO Production

Yasuko Iba "Untitled 2020-02" (2020) Oil on canvas, 50 x 72.7cm

Chie Matsui "She Dissolves" (2000) 35分56秒 ©Chie Matsui, courtesy MEM


Hisaya Taira 《WEST4》,《Koki’s》(2019) acrylic on canvas, 50 x 72.7cm, copyright the artist, courtesy YOSHIAKI INOUE GALLERY


Mitsuhiro IKEDA, untitled (drawing no.2) & untitled (drawing no.7) (2019), oil on paper, 60x50.8cm (incl. frame), copyright the artist, courtesy Satoko Oe Contemporary


Kenji INUMAKI《ある種プリミティヴな観念的時空 No.5》(2005-2012)  60×41cm, Oil on canvas, copyright the artist, courtesy Gallery Yamaki Fine Art

Tomoaki Shitara《フェルトのウルトラマン》(2017) 295×220×60mm, Ink, Felt, copyright the artist, courtesy STANDING PINE


Hiroko Yamaji 《Untitled》 2016, Oil paint on canvas, H70 x W70 x D2 cm ©Hiroko Yamaji Courtesy of the artist and NANZUKA

Eri Takayanagi 《Inside out》 2019, Cardboard case, paper tape, 73x86x13cm, 10x39x32.5cm, courtesy of the artist and TALION GALLERY

Soshi Matsunobe 《My Stones (on the log)》2020, Size valuable, cement, felled plantation, copyright Soshi Matsunobe

Installation View

Photo: Osamu Sakamoto

CADAN Showcase 03

CADAN Showcase03
“I wanted to see your face”
September 11 – October 4, 2020
Curated by Yoshikazu Shiga, Sprout Curation

Because of the influence of Covid-19, people all over the world are forced to wear masks these days. In this project, we will reexamine the importance and richness of seeing people’s faces and expressions through art. I hope you to meet with various faces such as paintings, photos and sculptures.   —-Yoshikazu Shiga, Sprout Curation

Kaoru Arima (MISAKO & ROSEN)
Nobuhiro Ishizuka (nca | nichido contemporary art)
Katsuya Ise (Sprout Curation)
Erika Kobayashi (Yutaka Kikutake Gallery)
Tetsuro Komai(Galerie Saint Guillaume)
Teppei Sotome(Aoyama | Meguro)
Junya Sato (Aoyama | Meguro)
Masaya Nakahara (Sprout Curation)
Koji Nakano(XYZ collective)
Yu Nishimura(KAYOKO YUKI)
Stephan Balkenhol. (Tomio Koyama Gallery)
Shimon Minamikawa (MISAKO & ROSEN)
Ayaka Yamamoto (Taka Ishii Gallery)
Keisuke Yamamoto(Tomio Koyama Gallery)
Yuichi Yokoyama (ANOMALY)


(L)Kaoru Arima《Read ng vert cally》(2019), Acrylic on canvas, 18 x 14cm(R)Tetsuro Komai 《Face (Surprising girl) 》(1975), Aquatint, 23 x 21 cm


(L)山元彩香 《Untitled #175》(2016/2018), C-print, 100 x 100 cm (R)Erika Kobayashi 《Radium Girls》(2019), Pencil on paper, 21.6 × 27.9cm


(L)Ataru Sato《Reverse》(2018), Oil, ink on canvas, 33.4 x 24.4 cm (R)Stephan BALKENHOL 《Mann mit schwarzem Anzug/ Man in Black Suit》(2019), Wawa-Wood Fumigated with expertise, 171.2 x 25.0 x 27.4 cm


(L)Yu Nishimura 《meditation》(2020), Oil on canvas, 60.3 x 53 cm (R)Keisuke Yamamoto 《country man》(2012), Hammer, wood, oil stain, 50 x 38 x 75 cm


(L)Masaya Nakahara 《Two masks are friends》(2019), Acrylic, ink on canvas, 53 x 33.3cm(R)Yuichi Yokoyama 《世界地図の仲間》(2012-2013), Paper, ink, masking tape, 10.3 × 15.3cm

Katsuya Ise 《Mighty Atom》(1984), Acrilic and grafite on paper (Japanese handmade paper, craft paper), 103 x 72.8 cm

Installation View

CADAN Showcase 02

CADAN Showcase02
Summertime Blues ‘2020
2020/8/14 Fri. – 2020/9/6 Sun.

A new gallery CADAN YURAKUCHO is holding a series of group exhibition entitled “CADAN Showcase” curated by four galleries from CADAN member.

The second edition is curated by COBRA from XYZ collective.

Artists: Masami Yamamoto, Kishio Suga, Mio Shirai, Manavu Muragishi, Tetsuro Kano, Ken Kagami, Yasutake Iwana, Sadaharu Horio, COBRA, Benjamin Butler

Viewing room at CaM by Muuseo


(L)Yasutake Iwana 《岸辺のしるし》(2020), oil on canvas, 53 x 45.5 cm (R)Ken Kagami 《Dog Food》(2015) mixed media, dimensions variable


(L)Tetsuro Kano《a tree as a city (Levels of Scale) 》(2017) mixed media, 
195 x 25.5 cm (size variable) (R)COBRA《Rat Museum For Rat》(2019), Rat trap, acrylic on canvas, wood panel,  350x115x115 mm


(L)Mio Shirai 《Circular Time》(2015) パイ皿、ケーキ型、鉄、麻、メッキ塗料、アクリル絵具、 油絵具, 41x61x7cm (R)Kishio Suga《界端 / Spatial Eternity》(1993) 木、アクリル、ワイヤー , 26.5 x 20.8 x 4.8 cm


(L)Benjamin Butler《Two Trees, Blue-Green》(2006) oil on canvas, 40.5x50.5cm (R)Sadaharu Horio《あたりまえのこと(3kg絵画)10》(2015) 鉄,  56x31x11cm


(L)Manavu Muragishi《天地無用2019》(2019)acrylic on canvas, 27.3 x 22 cm(R)Masami Yamamoto《美しい時間の肖像-ノースリーブシャツ-》(2014)陶土に手彫り,  W37×D63×H4 cm

Installation view



CADAN Showcase 01

CADAN Showcase 01
2020/7/17 Fri. – 08/09 Sun.
Open Tue.-Fri. 11AM-7PM, Sat, Sun, National Holiday 11AM-5PM
Closed on Monday

A new gallery CADAN YURAKUCHO will open with a series of group exhibition entitled “CADAN Showcase” curated by four gallerists from CADAN member.

curated by Tomoko Ashikawa (WAITINGROOM)

Kei Imazu(ANOMALY)
Rieko Otake(Tomio Koyama Gallery)
Simon Fujiwara(TARO NASU)
Tomokazu Matsuyama(KOTARO NUKAGA)
Aki Kondo(ShugoArts)
Taro Izumi(Take Ninagawa)
Enrico Isamu Oyama (Takuro Someya Contemporary Art)


(L)Kei Imazu 《Untitled 5》 (2016), Oil on canvas,  600 x 600 mm 
(R)Rieko Otake 《Tomodachi》(2008), Wood, 960 x 360 x 310 mm


(L)Simon Fujiwara 《Fabulous Beasts (Midnight Mink)》(2016) Shaved fur coat on wooden stretcher, 1000 x 950 x 20 mm 
(R)Tomokazu Matsuyama 《April Possibility》(2020), Acrylic and mixed media on canvas, 915 x 915 mm


(L)Daisuke Ohba 《METEOR PAINTING》(2018) Acrylic on linen, iron meteorite, 500 x 500 x 45 mm
(R)Aki Kondo《Child Chasing the Light》(2020) Acrylic on canvas, 410 x 318 mm


(L)Taro Izumi 《Cartilage Flag》(2020)  © Taro Izumi, Courtesy of Take Ninagawa, Tokyo
(R)Takuro Kuwata《Untitled》(2017) Porcelain, stone, glaze, pigment, gold, h.30.5 x 35.0 x 36.5 cm, Photo by Keizo Kioku, ©Takuro Kuwata, Courtesy of KOSAKU KANECHIKA


(L)Enrico Isamu Oyama《FFIGURATI #137》(2016) Mechanical pencil, crackle medium and latex paint on canvas mounted on wood panel, 505 x 405 mm 
(R)exonemo 《I randomly love you / hate you》(2018) LCD monitors, android, Dimension variable