Ibuki Minami “Art-Core-Oneness” by rin art association

Ibuki Minami “Art-Core-Oneness” by rin art association

1 November – 20 November, 2022
Open: Tue-Fri.11:00-19:00 / Sat, Sun, National Holiday 11:00-17:00
Closed on Monday, 13 November
Curated by rin art association

●Talk Event
Date and Time:  Thursday, November 3, 17: 00 -18: 00
Speakers: Ibuki Minami (Artist), Masaki Nomura (philosophy researcher), Takato Harada (owner of rin art association)
Venue: CADAN Yurakucho
Free of charge

CADAN YURAKUCHO will present a solo exhibition of Ibuki Minami “Art-Core-Oneness” , organized by rin art association based in Takasaki, Gunma.

Ibuki Minami is a Japanese painter, who has been highly acclaimed since his debut exhibition in 2020.

Minami’s painting begins with the drawing of graphs depicting how information flows diverge and relate to each other. It functions as a set of instructios for paintings to be drawn on top.

An unlimited range of colors and shades applied on Minami’s tableau is further accentuated by his impasto brushstrokes and rhythmic compositions. The simple geometric patterns of textured color—some rectangular, circular, or dots in various arrangements—overlaid by one another or connected with directional lines. The painting can thus be interpreted as the architecture of a networked world, where the conceptual dimension of Minami’s practice emerges.

To describe his art-making, Minami uses the word ‘art core’, often referencing concepts from Eastern philosophy such as “ying yang”. Just as DNA contains the genetic information necessary for organisms, the art core preserves all possible source codes, which unfolds materially, conceptually or spiritually through Minami’s act of painting. The artist identifies no border between science, art and philosophy, considering that all are inseparable from one another and indispensable to human life—a realm of the unknown harnessed by the word, “art core”.

Ibuki Minami, born in 1995, holds a BMA in Fine Art, Academy of Art University, San Francisco. Minami lives and works in Tokyo, Japan, since 2020.

(TOP Image/Photo by Shinya Kogure)